Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Brief- Creating a school website

We have been asked to create a website for a new school. I am considering naming my school 'Oakley' grammar school which will consist of a house style containing green and brown. I think these colours are sensible as they represent the environment and green is a tranquil colour.
 The website will be aesthetically pleasing, and the colours will look smart and bold. The logo shall be an acorn and leaf- keeping with the theme of nature. It is important that the information is easy to read and the website is neatly set out without over-cluttering. It will contain a navigation bar with links such as curriculum, events, gallery and contact us. It will also have a log in feature, giving students the ability to sign in to their school accounts and access their work.

The list -

This is the list of work that you should have on your blog as of this time - please could you get this posted this week?

Creating your blog.
Using a camera introduction
Photoshop your picture/s and post to blog.
Research on four school websites: 400 words short essay.
Catchup, including survey, annotated websites.
Draft brief for preliminary site.
Page layout.
Photoshop, first artwork.