Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Brief for charity website

The website we are planning to create is specifically focused on a charity of our choice. It must be fully functional and offer conventions relevant to the subject. To create an effective website we will look at others which have a similar intention being the promotion of a charity and use a parallel structure. The website must include:
-Information relating to the charity such as its history and its purpose.
-Upcoming events to get involved in for support of the charity.
-Somewhere to donate to the charity.
-A way to contact the organization for any queries

Eight pages for website:
The history of the charity
Upcoming Events
Contact Us
About Us (homepage)
Find Us (centre)

Key conventions of charity websites incorporated to our domain
We will keep a clean and sophisticated colour scheme and layout throughout to show house style and that we have well executed organizational skills within the association.

It is clear that all charity websites that we have annotated have included simple and bold fonts to deliver the important information to the audience. Colour is also a key factor to use in order to create visual interest and to give a positive atmosphere about the domain. Images are just as important as text to convey the message of supporting the charity and are a fun aspect which lightens the mood.

A logo is needed as a feature that offers recognition of the charity to the viewer and helps them to become familiar with this for future reference.

The layout must adhere to the targeted audience which will be established once surveys have been completed however it is almost a certainty that the website will need to be conventional to suit all audience types.

 Our initial ideas for the charity website are to help the homeless on the streets by providing them with essentials such as blankets, food and clothes. We are considering naming our charity 'Street Heat' as this relates directly to our campaign with a catchy play on words. We are aiming to target people of any age, however people ages 25+ are more likely to give to charity. Our target audience will have a steady income and can afford to give money to help others.

We are thinking of using warm colours for our website such as red and orange; this relates to the word 'heat' in our name, and the fact that we are providing heat (and other essentials) for people who are not fortunate enough to live in a safe and warm environment. 

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