Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Final images

This image is meant to show a Street Heat representative handing out a bottle of water to a homeless person. I think this image is quite strong in the way the hand on the left looks like it's grabbing the bottle in desperation. The contrast of the bare arm and bright coat shows the difference in lifestyle that the two people obviously lead. 

This image is supposed to show the hard, rough lifestyle of people living in the open.

This image is going to go on our 'donate' page next to our text about what we do to help. We mention that we provide bottles of water and blankets to people living rough. 

This picture shows again, how living on the streets is terribly hard. The pose of the 'homeless person' shows how unhappy and depressing this lifestyle can be.

We took this picture with the caption 'what does your home look like?' in mind. We may add text to this picture and place it somewhere on the website, possibly the 'donate' page. This statement is hard hitting.

This image is meant to represent the help that Street Heat provides to homeless people. The hand on the left is wearing a suit which is a contrast to the old glove of the hand on the right; this shows the difference in lifestyles.

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